Pale Like a Fish brings together a series of contributions from artists, writers and designers, developing a territory to think about the navigation of text, language and design in printed spaces.

Dawn Blood, Sophie Davis, Newspaper Reading Club, Ella Sutherland, Eleanor Weber, Riet Wijnen

Christchurch, N.Z : Ilam Press North Projects, 2016
Risograph printed, 104pp, 112 x 178mm, edition of 200 
ISBN: 978–0–473–36239–3


Produced and designed by Matthew Galloway and Ella Sutherland, the Speaking Places series seeks to question how graphic design might offer alternative perspectives; drawing upon historical, cultural and social precedents whilst also claiming its own identity as an autonomous form.

Originally intended as part of a larger public art project curated by Kim Paton, Speaking Places: Hamilton 2015, focusses on the ways language may exist and collide within the context of a specific locale and the ways in which the by-products of the natural and constructed environment can be understood, highlighted, traced and proposed.

Ella Sutherland and Matthew Galloway

Hamilton, New Zealand : Ramp Gallery, 2015
Offset printed, 24pp, 195 x 280mm, edition of 1500


SF>Leisure>Time>Volcano is a companion publication to Seeing Which Way The Wind Blows, an exhibition project hosted by split/fountain, Auckland. The publication was designed, edited and printed in collaboration with Matthew Galloway and contains writing and designed outcomes relating specifically to the four lines of inquiry generated during the show.


Ella Sutherland and Matthew Galloway

Auckland, New Zealand : 2013
Risograph printed, 56pp, 195 x 280mm, edition of 200


Home & Away is a publication commissioned by RM Gallery for inclusion in International Artist Initiated, an exhibition project hosted by David Dale Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland.


Ella Sutherland and Dave Marshall

Auckland, New Zealand : 2014
Risograph printed, 24pp, 210 x 297mm, edition of 300


Popular Brands to Steal was commissioned for the New Artists Show at Artspace, Auckland. The publication proposes a series of models that attempt to analyse the underlying parameters of a set of serial information. In this instance, the data lists all of the stolen cars in Auckland from the beginning of 2012, until the point when the project was presented at Artspace in October of that year.


Auckland, New Zealand : Artspace, 2012
Risograph printed, 42pp, 205 x 285mm, edition of 200